Back in town with a Bad Seed!

The RevengersHello all! I hope you have got in some listening over the festive season. I was gifted a treat. My very own unsigned copy of the first album by local band The Revengers entitled Bad Seed.

In a word… Terrific! I put this on, taking the advice of band member Matty and played it loud. What a jolt to the pleasure centres! This is loud hard punk rock without fanfare and hoo haa! The tempo is fast, the guitars crash but the solo work stands out as well. All held together by a tight drum/bass combination.

What I liked about this from the first notes it is a pump the blood album. Makes you want to exercise or something weird like that! Maybe do the housework nude, or knock down a wall, it is music to get up and do something with but it definitely doesn’t grate on the senses. Reminiscent of Radio Birdmen in that it’s great music and quirky, sometimes humourous, but always full on at you.

Favourite songs, and all compositions are by the band, another notable fact; Snowdropper is a great name for a punk rock song and it works. Teen Stalker, Bad Seed and Its Hellmare others, but the album is even and consistent so highlighting a couple of tracks doesn’t do it justice as I liked it all.

All in all, really impressed with this album, the playing, and the fun they have had lyrically in some songs, but the more somber, darker social aspects of others. Get along to a gig by The Revengers and be prepared to be pumped up!


Trawling through rhe archives and finging scary dentures!

Some times when you follow bands or read about guitarists a little gem turns up, or an absolute shocker! The band is Spooky Tooth the original vehicle for guitarist Luther Grosvenor. This is their second outing entitled Spooky Two!

Legendary Kinks do concept

This weeks challenge album is the 1968 classic from The Kinks. Entitled “The Kinks Are The Village Preservation Society”! Its an album that steps away from he normal sort of so gs the band was pumping out during their hey day.

Its good fun and you can’t forget him.

John Paul Keith is a musician who enjoys doing it steing in and also having some fun as well!

Week Commencing 12th Feb – the man that time forgot

This week a little gem uncovered by my good self entitled “The Man That Time Forgot” by John Paul Keith. He could be called “three dads” with all those first names in a row!

Kenny Wayne Shepherd floats the blues boar

This is a fine album by a xontemporary white boy blues rocker.

Week Commencing 5th Feb-KWS

This week’s album you wouldn’t normally listen too is by Kenny Wayne Shepherd. The album is called “Trouble is…”. It was a team selection by the other crew!