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Is Christmas Swing really a music genre?

This is an American band that always wanted to be different. In this modern era of samples, techno, trance, gangsta rap, they decided to bring back the sounds of 1920’s and 1930’s club land jazz, and tweak it up to give it a modern tempo and contemporary feel.

Christmas Caravan followed on promptly from their previous good sellers and in particular “Hot”. It features a lot of christmas flavoured numbers with their busy jazz/swing feel. The vocals are shared by Jim Mathus and Katherine Whalen. They do provide a fun, hot jazz collection of songs and although not mainstream has got a lot of popular support and do a terrific live gig and tour extensively in the US. The big band, swing sound complementing their penchant for those Harlem jazz type tunes.

Easy to listen to and harder to pick one favourite. In the end the Johhny Ace song got the nod. Hot is an album of theirs you could start off your Squirrel Nut Zipper experience with. The name of the band incidently comes from an old chocolate bar in case you were wondering that as well.

New Year, New Week, The First Album Selection for 2012

The honour is all mine to kick off the year with revisiting the Sixties and early Seventies, a veritable gold mine for undiscovered music, or albums that have slipped by in the new age of doof doof and oonc oonce.

The week commencing 1/1/2012 is benchmarked with the third album from Status Quo – Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon. Great title, great cover, and we’ll discover which is the best song shortly.
HNY2012 Folks!

Tuff Enuff is fun Texan boogie rock

The Fabulous Thunderbirds have been around in several incarnations, probably their most successful period has featured Kim Wilson and for a couple of albums Jimmy Vaughan, the brother of guitar maestro Stevie Ray.

This is easy to listen to music, not soft, and not heavy, but a little rambunctious and a little bit of piss taking as Texans do. Probably the Tex Mex genre has had several artists like Los Lobos, the boogie rock genre spills out of that and The Fabulous Thunderbirds have a great name and a consistent album of songs. They keep punching them out and every now and then they get some radio play here in Australia, but mainly they are masters of their Texan turf.

The music has a hint of blues, a hint of latin rythym but sits on a fence. Not in the cerebral, brain food category, but easy to listen and enjoy at any time of the day.

So erudite it hurts!

Lost in the Stars: The Music of Kurt Weil is an eclectic mixture of his music from film and album guested by a variety of artists, some known, some we’ll never know. The only name that stands out is Lou Reed who also wins the prize for the most accessible song on the album, just pipping the classic “Mac the Knife”. (Yes…that’s one of Kurt Weil’s!!) (I know, I know, what a surprise right?)

This was for me like The Pooh Sticks could have been for someone else. The only difference maybe in that there were some pleasing aspects in Multiple Orgasm, least of all the title of the album. Kurt for mine, will be relegated to ‘esoteric collecters corner’ of my list of albums.

It didn’t do it, before and still doesn’t however the challenge is all about trying something new or reintroducing something from the past and freshening it up. Even after three listens it could just scrape into the “acquired taste” list, however even then, its probably on a par with eating European Carp!

Week Commencing 4th December 2011: An album that serves as a reminder.

It serves a timely reminder as to why we have albums we use to listen too and need reminding of how much fun they can be! What the challenge is about, not only the new, but the old. Getting into some Tex Mex, Rock-Blues with The Fabulous Thunderbirds and one of their earlier sets, Tuff Enuff!

Week Commencing 27th November 2011; Lost his marbles, and then the stars lost them too!

Definitely an acquired taste the songs of Kurt Weil on the album : Lost in the Stars by Various Artists.

Woof Woof Woof – Elvin hits the right note.

He’s been doing it for a long while now and his favourite guitar he calls “red dog” and this album is reflected in a homage to his guitar.