As Above, So Below the latest from Stonefield

For a bit of background, Stonefield, originally started as Iota, however a cabaret singer of the same name arced up and so they cast around for a new name and settled on Stonefield a reflection on the gravel and volcanic rockiness of their home town in Victoria Australia.  The group came to prominence after winning the Triple J Unearthed competition for new bands in 2010. Its part of their website and a band can upload songs for the the wider audience to listen and comment on and for the judges to decide on an annual winner.  The girls started in the shed and cite their influences as Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, and Hendrix. Tastes imbued growing up the sounds of those great iconic acts permeated their world.


mi0004099285Stonefield are four sisters who punch out some solid rock.  Amy on drums and vocals, Hannah started out with the guitar and now has more tricks than a circus monkey.  Sarah is on keyboards and Holly fills out the band being the bass player.

This album is certainly heavier than their previous outings, and they started high and continue to soar.  Sister starts off proceedings with a good dose of loud crashing guitar and solid rhythm. The vocals as in all the tracks are not laid in there not over doing it, but part of the song, the music takes precedence and yet Amy’s vocals are clear, ethereal and distinct. There aren’t typical pop songs on this album, but the core of it is a rock music outing that is more about the whole album than picking a song and putting it on high rotation playlists.

The band delves into deeper psychedelic rock flavours in particular on Dream the second track. Changes takes a different tack, more melodious and harmonies from the girls give it a great feel and easy to like, its a great track that is probably my favourite.  Strangers is the shortest track of the set, with a groovy rolling bass line throughout. Regardless of genre and labels, these are great rock songs to listen to and the sisters who’ve been doing this since 2012 when they first appeared from the wilderness.

Eyes, is a slower ‘Zeppelin’ type number, perhaps not with the soaring solo’s of Jimmy Page, but the guitar work is really tight and solid with a lingering distortion.  The layered keyboards also gives this a Deep Purple feel too. Midnight is a departure into a slow ballad style song with the keyboards of Sarah being highlighted, slower and sensual and easy to get lost in. Lonely is another rocker, and then Eagle the ultimate track ebbs and flows along its entirety weaving a musical and vocal soundscape.

Stonefield bring the rock, these girls put on a good show, and clearly spend time writing songs and then building them into gems.  Changes, Midnight and Eagle are my favourites on this album. As Above, So Below is a great outing from this all girl, all family rock band and impresses!



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