There’s No Animals in this Zoo

Shakin' the Cage - Zoo

Sometimes you wonder what artists from different countries and cultures, and a varied journey in rock and roll will come up with when they join forces or find themselves in ‘side’ projects or ‘solo’ projects.

This is an album that definitely flies under the radar. In 1990 the late Billy Thorpe, iconic rock guitarist from Australia gave up his non music business ventures to team up with a master of the skins, the enduring Mick Fleetwood to form Zoo. Thorpe composed or was involved in the composing of all the songs on the Shakin’ the Cage album. It was a period in which Mick was engaging in several side projects after Fleetwood Mac’s flame had all but fluttered out.

The album itself is a good rock album with some slower ballad type and a few harder rockers. A modern day album that is similar in its make up would be Black Country Communion, although in the later, the guitar maestro Bonamassa is more pronounced. Thorpe was a great rock guitarist, and playing live he could cut loose and often did. More frontal assault that subtle solo’s. Its a charismatic guitar that is a little infective.

Fleetwoods drumming is a definitive constant tying it all together. Certainly a rock album with a terrific pedigree and very enjoyable to listen too. A gem in a way, as they did tour, put out an album, shelved plans for more work which is a pity as this was a great starting point, and leaves one yearning for the follow up.


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