Live music that energises the body!

Whiskey on a Sunday (live concert)

I’d like to have a few more listens to this, and why it made the challenge it reminded me of the night I saw the McAlpine Fusiliers belting it out in a pub. Flogging Molly really get it going. This is a live album with little fine tuning, and it is deliciously spicy. Flogging Molly is a mix of the Irish and punk music, with maybe a hint of grunge. Not wanting to be pidgeon-holed, however they do have a series of slower songs that allow you to savour the music even more. For me, “Drunken Lullabies” is a classic song, a catchy lyric, and good even tempo and it grabs you.

The crowd get involved as Dave King the Irish front man gets them worked up into a lather. He loves telling tales and banging his fast paced songs out. In latter days Mumford and Sons, refine it some more and they too are globally successful. They do it good and its a genre that requires more listening and participating in, either talking, singing, drinking or dancing when you’re Flogging Molly!

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