Chain are not the missing link in the Blues story.

Chain - Awesome Aussie Blues

It has to be said this album is short on the number of tracks but packed full of great blues music, harmonica and whimsical blues song titles. Where else would you find “How to Set Fire to An Elephant (Live)” than on a Chain album.

Oustanding blues music, raw, full of vigour and richly layered without the studio overkill. In fact the feature of Chain, was they got out there and played to the punters. Great vocals, guitar and rythm sections made for some classic blues songs. If it sounds like I’m effusive and gushing its because this album has opened up a little know channel of fantastic Australian music. The band has been around in one form or another since the late sixties. They caught a whiff of the British Blues movement on the tails of forays by the Easybeats and The Seekers into the European and UK music markets.

Brave, too with songs that were longer than standard single lengths. Spectrum too, defied convention and crafted longer, deeper songs that didn’t fit the popular singles culture, and yet they too were huge crowd favourites like Chain at festivals like Sunbury and in the dynamic pub rock music scene, where to get a gig, you had to be a great band.

This album is timeless in a way, take away the expectation of lots of dubs and edits, as it isn’t there, the band play and play well and the album is crafted blues note by blues riff. Too long in the cupboard, Chain are dusted off and back on the blues music agenda and deservedly so. Picking one song off this album for the playlust challenge was harder than it seemed possible. That too is a good thing!


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