The First Song of the 2012 Playlust Challenge

Status Quo's third studio album (1970)

The year is underway and its a boogie laden blast from the past. The longevity of Status Quo has been amazing, considering they chose not to reinvent themselves for each new album. Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon was the departure from their earlier psycheledic/progressive rock styles and set the tone for their future endeavours which have had a modicum of success. They found a groove, gave the punters what they wanted over and over again and have been crowd pleasers and floor fillers as well as being part of the music media circus for all sorts of reasons over band splits and naming rights, but then which band hasn’t had some sort of lovers tiff?

As this is a remaster version it has a few ‘treats’ on it, so technically they can’t be nominated for the playlust challenge. However there are some terrific songs on this including th alternative versions of Down the Dustpipe and Gerandula. I’ve chosen Daughter as the stand out track and its a pretty even and entertaining collection of songs. Go the Quo!

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