Is Christmas Swing really a music genre?

This is an American band that always wanted to be different. In this modern era of samples, techno, trance, gangsta rap, they decided to bring back the sounds of 1920’s and 1930’s club land jazz, and tweak it up to give it a modern tempo and contemporary feel.

Christmas Caravan followed on promptly from their previous good sellers and in particular “Hot”. It features a lot of christmas flavoured numbers with their busy jazz/swing feel. The vocals are shared by Jim Mathus and Katherine Whalen. They do provide a fun, hot jazz collection of songs and although not mainstream has got a lot of popular support and do a terrific live gig and tour extensively in the US. The big band, swing sound complementing their penchant for those Harlem jazz type tunes.

Easy to listen to and harder to pick one favourite. In the end the Johhny Ace song got the nod. Hot is an album of theirs you could start off your Squirrel Nut Zipper experience with. The name of the band incidently comes from an old chocolate bar in case you were wondering that as well.

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