So erudite it hurts!

Lost in the Stars: The Music of Kurt Weil is an eclectic mixture of his music from film and album guested by a variety of artists, some known, some we’ll never know. The only name that stands out is Lou Reed who also wins the prize for the most accessible song on the album, just pipping the classic “Mac the Knife”. (Yes…that’s one of Kurt Weil’s!!) (I know, I know, what a surprise right?)

This was for me like The Pooh Sticks could have been for someone else. The only difference maybe in that there were some pleasing aspects in Multiple Orgasm, least of all the title of the album. Kurt for mine, will be relegated to ‘esoteric collecters corner’ of my list of albums.

It didn’t do it, before and still doesn’t however the challenge is all about trying something new or reintroducing something from the past and freshening it up. Even after three listens it could just scrape into the “acquired taste” list, however even then, its probably on a par with eating European Carp!


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